Frequently Asked Questions!

1. I want Nails but......

They are too expensive!

No worries sweeties, After taking a close look at my customers and sales demographics I notice many of my customers range from age 15-60! I try to make my nails affordable for everyone! I offer $15 nails and there is almost always a discount either through Sugar.Sweet.Styles on Instagram or there may be an ambassador code.

My job, hobbyprofession...

Once again sweetie, No worries! I have short nails available too so it won't affect your performance at work or at band practice. I can also design very classy nail sets for the work place. If you only want them for a short occasion like a birthday, or event, I have nail tab adhesives. It can keep your press ons for 3 hours+. The nail tabs are not made of 2 weeks wear but its get if you want to easily pop on and pop off a set.

1. How long do they last?

The wear time is dependent on a numerous amount of things. How well your nail prep is, your body chemistry, and how often you use your hands. For starters if you have an amazing nail prep method, these nails can last you a very long time! In terms of body chemistry, How much oil do you secrete? Oils is a natural adhesive remover so this also plays a factor. Another large factor, it your activity level. If you are constantly using your nails, then it won't last as long. for regular everyday use these are perfect.

2.How do I know my size?

The easiest and most accurate way, it to get my nail sizing kit. Each shape and length will have different sizes because I go to different manufacturers for the highest quality nail bases. So, you're size in a long coffin may not be equivalent to your size in a medium square. I've had Customers whose measurements was

Left Hand: 1-4-3-5-7 & Right Hand: 2-4-3-4-7 for a long coffin and 

Left Hand: 0-3-2-5-6 & Right Hand: 1-3-2-3-6 in a Long stiletto. So sizes will be unique, but its okay! You're a unique person so your nails are too!

3. Do you do Customs and how can I order them?

Yes, I absolutely love Customs. They are my favorite thing to do. Collaborating with you to create a beautiful and wonderful design would bring me joy!. Its amazing knowing I'm designing a one of a kind set that only you have! If you have Inspiration photos, please send them to me. You can contact me through the Contact me Link on my home page. Then click Customs, or You can easily message me on Instagram: Sugar.Sweet.Styles. I charge based on the design and amount of time it takes to create them!

4. How do you put them on?

First things first, Take your beautiful nails and sizes fit them on your finger. If you order a standard size instead of a Custom, The nails might be a perfect fit, so its a great tip to see which press on nail fits each of your finger best!For extra long wear, Prep your nails! You can use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles so you your press ons will have more room on the nail bed to adhere to. Then take the nail file and buff your nails to remove any nail shine. DO NOT over bush. You don't want an ouchie. Then take a nail dehydrator, or alcohol, and wipe any oil and dust from your nails. Take your press on nails and apply glue on the back of the nail near the cuticle area and apply glue toward the middle of the nail. Only apply glue to 25% of where your nail beds start and end.. If you apply more than 25% of glue from where your nail beds start and end, the glue will over flow. Apply the nail at a 45 degree angle form the cuticle and press down towards your free edge. This helps to avoid bubbles. 

5. How do I take it off with Minimal to no damage?

After you finished an event of you are ready to move onto a cuter newer design, you may want to remove it. But How?? Well, Its easier than you think. All you need is water, cuticle oil, and a cuticle pusher. The first thing you need to do is soak your hands in warm water. Do this for 10 mins. You hands will suck up the moisture allowing for the adhesive to separate. Then apply lots of cuticle oil. Be sure to get under any areas where there is lifting. Oil is a natural adhesive remover! Then Take your cuticle pusher and gently remover the perimeter of the nail until it pops off. If a nail is super sticky stuck and it doesnt want to come off, Soak your hands in water again and apply more oil. Do not force your nils off. it will damage your nails.

5. Does it Come with glue and are they reusable?

Yes and Yes. My Nails come with glue! I want your experience with my nails to be wonderful and enjoyable. I don't want you to worry about glue! However, feel free to use a stronger glue if you would like. I'm Not responsible for any lost nails. If your nails fall off, pop off, or comes off, and you lose it, I will not be doing single nail replacements. My nails are totally reusable. Because they are so durable, you can get multiple uses out of them To reuse it, just file off the excess glue on the  nails.

6. My nails have been in Preshipment for a long time...

Shipping: Shipping and delivery is a standardI may take a while to complete orders because I'm the only one making my nails. It can take 2 weeks to a 2 months to complete.Depending on the volumes of my order, it may get to you quicker. I apologize for the long wait in advance. If you select Priority Mail, I try to ship it out within 1 week. I like to print out shipping labels and and write your order on the back to keep track of your order and complete multiple orders at once. Your package may be marked as "In Preshipment" for a until I drop it off at the postal office and they scan the package. Small business do not have control over the mailing system. Once a package it sent out or dropped off, small businesses can't control ups! It can take anywhere from 2 days- 1 week for UPS to upate their tracking. If you want to track your order AFTER it has been shipped, You can track your orders using the "track orders tab". You are also responsible for entering your adress. If you move or the package gets delieved to the wrong adress, then that is also out of my reach. However, if you need an adress change you must let me know ASAP. Once a package is sent out i cant change the adress. If a package gets sent back to me you must pay for the shipping fees again.