All Sales are final! I do not give refunds under any circumstances.

Sizing and Orders: If you don't select a size or shape, you will automatically get a size medium in the Long coffin length. If you don't know your size, I reccomend you get my nail sizing kits. I will not message you for your sizes anymore and I do not accept your measurements in MM. If you send measurements in MM, You will receive a size medium in the Long coffin length. In the event that you select a size for a nail set and did not select the other one, All the nails will be the same size and shape.

Wait Time: It may take a while to complete orders because I'm the only one making my nails. It can take up to 7 days to make and up to 2 weeks to ship. YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY WARNED! Depending on the volumes of my order, it may get to you quicker. I apologize for the long wait in advance. Under no circumstances will I give a refund because you are impatient for your orders. I spend a minimum of 1-2 hours per set so I would like my hard work to be rewarded. If you select Priority Mail, I try to ship it out within 1 week.

Address Change, Moving, Or wrong address: You are responsible for knowing your place of residence and entering your address correctly. If you move or the package gets delieved to the wrong adress, then that is out of my reach. However, if you need an address change you must let me know ASAP. I'll try my best to fix it but if it was "in pre-shipment" before you notify me, then it is out of my reach. Once a package is sent out I can't change the address. If a package gets sent back to me or you need an address change, you must pay for the shipping fees again since the last shipping label is voided.

Preshipment: I print out shipping labels and and write your order on the back to keep track of your orders and complete multiple orders at once. Your package may be marked as "In Pre-shipment" until I drop it off at the postal office and they scan the package. It'll then be transitioned to "in transit" Small business do not have control over the mailing system.

Tracking: Once a package it sent out or dropped off, small businesses can't control USPS! It can take 1 week for USPS to update their tracking. If you want to track your order AFTER it has been shipped, You can track your orders using the "track your orders" tab. Once a package says it has been delivered then you should have recieved the package. If you haven’t file a claim with USPS.